Here are some of the bushcraft activities you can choose from:

  • Fire-making

Learn the art of building a small, controlled fire without firelighters, chemicals - or even matches! - then grill marshmallows on it. Older children can have a go at the tricky job of lighting a friction fire using a primitive bow drill, rather like Ray Mears!

  • Bow and arrow making

Build your very own mini bow and arrows, then practice your aim on our very own bush shooting range. Although small, the bows are surprisingly effective, and most kids should leave being able to shoot quite proficiently!

  • Building dens

A hugely popular activity where, after a short demonstration, the children work together in groups to try and build a weatherproof den. Dens are tested by having a bucket of water thrown at them...those who emerge the driest are judged the best bush builders.

  • Bush cookery

From firebuilding and grilling marshmallows, to helping cook sausages and prepare the party meal, there is something for everyone to try their hand at. Children of all ages can also cook their own traditional bannock bread over the fire, or brew fresh nettle tea to enjoy round the fire.

  • whittling

Either with hand knives (aged 8 and above) or safe bark peelers, build your appetite by whittling down sticks to prepare them for cooking on, then use them to roast your own marshmallows or delicious bannock bread.

  • knife skills

(Aged 8 and over) Learn the safe handling and use of a hand knife, before whittling cooking sticks and then moving onto mini spears. This will be followed by some target practice in our bush shooting range!

  • forest crafts

Younger children love the opportunity of handling basic tools on their own, such as a palm drill or bark peeler. They can then make beautiful jewellery out of pre-cut sticks which they 'drill' and decorate themselves. Other craft activities include making fairies out of clay and natural objects they've collected, mini-shelter building, and loads more.