Q: What should my child bring with them?

A: Weatherproof, warm clothes you don't mind dirtying.

Q: I really like the idea of it all, but am terrified by the thought of my child's friends running amok in a forest. Isn't it a bit Lord of the Flies?

A: We fully understand! All our instructors are fully trained (one has even passed the Royal Marines entrance tests!). We work with children almost every day of the year and are trained in managing and instructing them in a safe, calm, fun way. 

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Prices vary depending on where the party is, and how many kids there are. In the South-East, we charge £250 for a 2-hour party run by one instructor (for up to around 18 kids). For over 18 kids, we use two instructors, which costs another £100.

​In the Midlands and the north, we charge £180, again for a 2-hour party run by one of our trained, insured, professional...and fun, instructors.

Q: How many children can attend a bushcraft party?

A: Most parties have between 15 and 20 kids. We can go over this number and have had parties for approaching 30 kids - but make sure you check with us first!

Q: Where are your bushcraft parties held?

A: The short answer is: anywhere in or around London, Kent, the Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire, the South coast and the South East.

Our 'home base' is in north west London...but we can bring all our equipment to your garden or local park, and promise not to do any damage, or even leave a trace of our having been there. Please get in touch to find out if we can get to your garden or local park.

Q: What if it rains or is very cold?

A: We have large shelters and a contained, supervised fire which will keep off the worst weather - meaning we'll be able to run all our activities as per normal...if anything, the rain makes things even more fun. If the weather is potentially dangerous though - say, with lightning forecasted - we'll reschedule the party to another date for free.

Q: Is there a minimum age for guests?

A: Parties are for children aged 5 and up. We have done a few for 4-year olds where parents were willing to help the children with activities. 

Q: Are adults welcome?

A: Of course - they often have just as good a time as the children!

Q: Who provides the food?

A: If you provide frankfurters (or cooked sausages), rolls and marshmallows, we can cook them all at the party, which adds to the experience. You can bring any food you want and we will ensure adequate time is allowed for everyone to eat. We won't have a long and drawn out meal, though, as we'll be too busy trying to fit in as many fun activities as we possibly can.

Q: Do you cater for any dietary requirements?

A: We can cook kosher, halal or veggie sausages and marshmallows. If you want to bring your own pans, serving spoons etc, for us to use, that is absolutely fine.