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Woodwork Parties - for kids aged 7 upwards. Click here for more info!

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Bushcraft Parties!

Forget sitting in a stuffy hall playing the same old Bushcraft Parties we promise a unique, hands-on, muddy experience your child will never forget!

Our parties offer a unique blend of fun, fresh air, hands-on activities, delicious food and a little learning about the world around us.

Parties are tailored to your individual needs, with all activities agreed in advance between us. Whether it's making fires, bows and arrows, cooking, building shelters or crafting forest jewellery, we can plan a perfectly suited - and safely supervised - party to meet your needs. 

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​​Enjoy Unusual and Unique Kids Birthday Party with Creative and Innovative Thinking 

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Have you ever watched a party entertainer struggle to keep the kids engaged? We have! At we have unique party ideas for kids to make sure that your kids and their friends are completely entertained and happy at a party. But, the best part of our unusual party ideas is that children are usually interested in such unusual kids birthday parties and look forward to the birthdays of their friends.  
We have unusual kids parties all designed by trained Forest School instructors. Mostly, unique birthday party ideas for kids by are related to the outdoors. Many innovative games are part of our spectrum of activities for the kids, apart from themed decor and food.  
Outdoor locations – We also cater to calls for unique kids birthday party, where outdoor locations are concerned. There can be arrangements of camps, bush parties, trekking locations and even nearby forested areas.  
Innovative gaming ideas – Besides, we also bring along variety of games for the different birthday party ideas, something apart from the usual musical chairs, spoon races and the other indoor games.  
Being with nature or related aspects – Primary aim of the unusual kids birthday parties is to expose the kids to nature and do something unique in the occasion of their birthdays. So, we choose wide range of playing games, with activities in groups in the wilderness, parks and even can arrange the unique kids birthday party in the gardens and backyards. Sometimes, there are arrangements done with regards to the themed decorations, with all the stilts and stands.  
With unique birthday party ideas for kids, it is a pleasure for the parents to invite to add the zing to their kid’s birthdays in unique ways. On our part, it is a chance to prove that kids are priceless and there cannot be anything equal to their happiness..